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Donegal Trout Unlimited works on coldwater streams throughout Lancaster County. To help you locate sites where we're working, planning, or have done restoration work, the site now includes a map of the county's watersheds, with links to topographic maps for many of our projects.

Access the watershed map here.


Conowingo Creek

We completed work on 2 projects on the Conowingo in 2016, one involving wetlands restoration, the other restoring the stream to its historic channel and preventing major farmland soil loss. A third, very large project is in the design and permitting stages, and will probably start in 2017.


Fishing Creek

We are planning work on several more sites on this stream, one of which has now been delayed until 2017, due to permitting changes. A project at Drumore Township Park is finished except for planting. Another project is now in the design & permitting stage, with yet another in the planning stage.


Climbers Run

Work on 3 sites upstream of Climbers Preserve, along Pennsy Road, has now been completed.


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