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The following forms can be downloaded to your computer, filled out and then mailed to us as needed. Where appropriate, select the format which suits you.

2019 Rivers Camp Brochure

2019 Rivers Camp Application

DTU will pay the fees for applications submitted to and approved by our Chapter. However, the number that will be accepted is limited.

Applicants must have been born between June 21, 2001 & June 16, 2005.If any places are available after March 31, late applications will be considered until April 30, 2019.

  • The latest DTU Strategic Plan
  • 2019 DTU Fish & Golf Tourney Registration
  • Native Plant List Stop buying your landscaping plants at home improvement stores and other bulk suppliers. Many of these plants are invasive, none will provide the benefits to native birds & insects that native plants will. A butterfly bush looks pretty and the adult insects feed on its nectar, but they supply no food for the caterpillars which complete the life cycle. DTU encourages the use of native plants wherever possible. This list has been provided by Penn State and describes & links many nurseries in our area which specialize in native plants. Consider purchasing from them, or at least planting the trees, shrubs, and other flora on their lists. The birds, insects, and yes, trout, of our area will thank you.
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