Trout In The Classroom

Trout in the Classroom is an interdisciplinary program for students in grades 3 – 12, wherein they learn about cold water conservation by raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings in a classroom aquarium. Each teacher adapts the program to fit the needs of their own students & curriculum.

TIC has applications in ecology & the environment, science, social studies, even language, mathematics & the fine arts. At the end of the year the classes release their trout fingerlings into a suitable nearby stream.

Pennsylvania’s program is made possible by the partnership between the PA Council of Trout Unlimited, the PA Fish & Boat Commission, and local chapters of Trout Unlimited. Donegal TU is proud to sponsor 17 classrooms in 14 schools in Lancaster County. As needed, the chapter provides aquariums, chillers to maintain the cold-water environment and coordination through our education chairman Ned Bushong


Josh Shortuse from Ephrata High School conducts a TIC program as part of his 11th & 12th grade environmental studies classes. He has kindly given us permission to post this video to our website. More videos can be found on Josh’s video blog.

For more information on Trout in the Classroom in PA, visit their site.

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