Veterans Service Partnership

In 2015, Donegal TU committed to forming a Veterans Initiative with the goal of serving active duty military personnel, veterans and their families by engaging them through the recreational therapy of angling, most specifically fly fishing and fly tying.

We deliberately began with a small group so we could find how best to achieve our goals without being overwhelmed. Clay Pankewicz headed up the group, aided by Bill Nolan as they went fishing on various south-central PA waters.

Bill assumed leadership in 2016 as the group slowly grew and adopted a more regular schedule of outings. As Trout Unlimited formalized the VSP program, Bill began making contact with other Chapter VSP leaders, who were making great strides with their program.

By 2017, Bill, assisted by Mark Coons and some of the older members, partnered with Spring Creek Chapter, Total Outdoors and Douglaston Salmon Run to provide more and better fishing experiences for our expanding group.

Donegal TU is extremely proud of our VSP program, its leaders and members.

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